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Robert Hagopian

Robert Hagopian

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01/21/15 08:06 AM #6    

Susan Macafee

de Young / Legion of Honor

Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco

Alice Neel   Robert Avedis Hagopian

01/21/15 05:13 PM #7    

Frances-Meredith Atkinson (Gilbert)


 Thank You Phil,  for passing along information about Bob Hagopian's portrait.

My husband and I will travel down to view it as a goal in 2015. I hope to also have daughter, Alexa,,

accompany us (she loves Kahlo and art Museums  and her  SO is an artist). Then also ,Daughter

in law, Corynn, and her 4 daughters are pianists.  We will plan a family caravan trip to visit  All of the Fine Arts Museum.

You see, a ripple of information and caring , travels a long way...Thank you again.Frances-Meredith Atkinson

01/21/15 08:26 PM #8    

Sharon Rupp (Dooijes)

I was in school with Robert (we called him Bob) from Covington JH onward. I recognized his intelligence, talent and sweetness through all those years. He was in several of my classes at LAHS and we "outcasts" befriended each other. We lost a great talent when he passed away, and a great person.

01/22/15 06:31 AM #9    

Jan Zahorski (Boel)

Susan, thank you for posting the link to Bob's portrait.  I had never seen it.  I walked with Bob at graduation. He was a good friend.  The portrait is a wonderful memorial.

01/22/15 10:39 AM #10    

Pamela Henry (Lund)

I remember our music classes at Covington were an eclectic mix varying from the new rock and roll of Elvis Presley's "Hound Dog" to Bob's amazing classical compositions. Even then, his talent was awesome. I'm glad to hear that is still going strong 30 years after his death. It's a fitting tribute.

01/23/15 11:20 AM #11    

Mary Ellen Hoy

I remember Bob from English class. He was uniquely gifted musically. I can still see him playing the piano. He had a good heart.  I appreciate knowing more about his life after high school. My family moved East the year after I graduated, and I lost touch with most high school friends. The painting is wonderful. Thanks for the memories, Mary Ellen Hoy

01/23/15 02:13 PM #12    

Susan Macafee

I also had classes with Bob, and remember his gentleness and kindness. It is nice to see that his short presence on this planet, is remember in a honorable and continuous way.


The Legion of Honor – San Francisco

Avedis Chamber Music Series celebrates its 30th season


"Avedis, which means “good news” in Armenian, takes its name from the late San Francisco pianist, Robert Avedis Hagopian (1945-1984) and is dedicated to his memory, honoring the spirit of joy, excellence, and adventure he brought to his music and to the musical world."


Bob attended Indiana University (1975), the University has posted his Doctoral Dissertations In Musicology (DDM). The American Musicological Society has a data base listing all the dissertations, on their web site by name, including  Bob’s dissertation.



01/23/15 04:50 PM #13    

Pamela Morris (Wingerter)

Thank you one and all for posting your Robert Hagopian memories.  I never heard him play the piano and I never was in one of his classes, I only remember him in the hall.  I am looking foreward to listening to Bob play the ivory keys 24-7.  I just ordered his CD on Overstock.  The CD has the wonderful oil painting of him as the jacket cover.  Thanks again, Pame

01/26/15 06:23 AM #14    

Lee Shahinian


Thank you for reminding us of wonderful Bob Hapgopian.  He and I spent a lot of time together playing chamber music during our high school years.  As I noted in 2012, I did not realize at the time what a remarkable privilege this was and how formative it would be in my life.  Bob’s parents were so supportive, a breath of Massachusetts culture for California. Years later, Bob is dying in Stanford Hospital, an early victim of the AIDS epidemic.  I see him, and he is gone at 39.  Incredibly sad and unfair.     

As you noted, Bob’s portrait (Robert Avedis Hagopian) is not always on display at the deYoung, so those going to see it might want to check first with the museum. 

Phil, I have just read for the first time your touching personal profile on our LAHS website, and admire you for speaking so openly about your life experiences and impressions.  Much of what you say about the present condition of our society really resonates with me.  

Warm regards,


07/04/22 09:36 PM #15    

William Hagbom

I saw the portrait of Bob Hagopian this week at the deYoung Museum in San Francisco.  I had never heard of Alice Neel before, but enjoyed the display and the name Robert Hagopian rang a bell in a remote corner of my brain. And the age coincided with my recollection.  Don' t think the Hags ever had to stand in line or sit next to each other, but remember him from English or Latin class.  Smart, quiet, and friendly -- enjoyed a memory of a nice person many, many years ago.  Bill H.



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