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Percentage of Joined '62 Knights: 69.3%

A:   285   Joined
B:   126   Not Joined
(totals do not include deceased)



•   Anne Rockwell (Schroder)  5/25
•   Hanns Haesslein  5/20
•   Patrick Going  5/20
•   Cheryl Mosher (Babb)  5/9
•   Jane Boydstun (Caraway)  5/5
•   Carla Barber (Cramer)  4/19
•   Pamela Gardner (Green)  4/5
•   George Bray  3/26
•   Michael Benke  3/25
•   James Godfrey  3/14
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•   Kathleen Coy (Ashcraft)  6/21
•   Susan Hoagland (Bayly)  6/21
•   Nancy Towle (McCormick)  6/21
•   Derek Younkin  6/23
•   Fred Rudell  6/25
•   Donna Combs (Baker)  6/28
•   Pam Delany (Bour-Delany)  6/28
•   Barbara Moor (Sanner)  6/30
•   Jane Garibaldi (Fuchs)  7/2
•   Jacqueline Adelmann (Nolte)  7/5
•   Steve Flamer  7/10
•   Pamela Morris (Wingerter)  7/11
•   Tracey Filippini  7/13
•   Jeannette Pacchetti  7/16
•   Kathleen (Kathy) Morie (Ashland)  7/17
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Los Altos High School
Class Of 1962

Welcome to the Los Altos High School, Los Altos, CA, Class of 1962 website.



Looking for friends of Sherrie Collingwood (O'Keefe)

James Blackman ( is looking for information on how to contact Sherrie's sister Deanna. Here's the body of the email he sent. 

I lived down the street from Cherrie until they moved when I was about four. We rediscovered each other at foothill and dated for a while. I was actually in her wedding to Tom O’Keefe and I lost track of them. Her sister is named Deanna and she graduated from Los Altos high a couple of years before Sherrie. Is there anyway I can get her sister‘s information from anyone as I would like to contact Deanna. Also if there are any high school friends of hers, I would like them to contact me at my above email address. Thank you.

I'll let you contact him directly. Thanks. Mike


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