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09/11/12 09:49 PM #9    


Sherry Meredith (Ginn)

Congratulations, Committee members, on this very successful 50th reunion!  They don't get any better than this.  All your dedication and effort paid off.  We enjoyed all the wonderful events.

Thank you!

Sherry Meredith Ginn

09/12/12 12:27 PM #10    


Carla Barber (Cramer)

Thank you LAHS 1962 Reunion Steering Committee for organizing this weekends events, for finding those of us who fell off the radar and for providing us a site where we can stay connected.

You are terrific!!

09/14/12 01:39 PM #11    


Frances-Meredith Atkinson (Gilbert)


  Just wonderful photos of the Reun ion  you have posted thank you so much! Mike and Fran-Meredith

09/18/12 04:32 PM #12    


Joanne Griffin (Holland)


Hi All,

Question:  Do any of you remember a group called The Plumes at LAHS?  There must have been well over 100 girls in the group and I can't recall what they did.  Was it a service organization of some type?  Please respond if you can remember something about them.


Joanne Griffin Holland

09/20/12 11:49 AM #13    


Janet Hibbs (Leslie)

Many thanks to all who of you who organized the reunion, and all who attended.  It was such a wonderful series of events, with so much catching-up with old friends, unexpected connecting with not-so-well-known classmates, and unfinished conversations that I hope we can continue.  I was impressed by the changes at LAHS, and by the lives of so many classmates.  Thank you.  Janet Leslie (Hibbs)

09/20/12 05:24 PM #14    


Sharon (Shay) Sforzini (Grant)

Hi Sylvia, Liz, Holly, Joanne, Mike, Bob Hosek, Sue Macafee, Steve Moulds and my hubby, Steven..., I'm sending you all "THANKS & LOVE," and you're probably wondering why I'd be sending you such a phrase. "THANKS." Okay that was certainly earned, but "LOVE?"  Isn't that a bit presumptuous?

Well, wasn't our 50th the happiest, most fun, most event-filled, best-planned gathering ever? Truly LOVE was in the air! ...and I'm talkin' here the platonic variety. Everyone I spoke with, old friends and new, immediately felt like best friends forever. ...hugs, kisses, the biggest smiles. ...and, here's the best part: so many have made plans to get together again soon, even though thousands of miles may need to be crossed.

THANK YOU may sound trite, and I'm sure you've heard it over and over, but THANK YOU never goes out of style or becomes over-used.  I was trying to find other words, less well-worn phrases, but it all comes down to just this: danke, gracias, merci, thanks... No matter how it's said, you've got hundreds of classmates grateful for your year of non-stop searching and planning.

i hope you've all recovered by now and can look back on a job, no, a labor of love well-done. What could be better than being the instrument for so much good will, down-right-fun and sheer happiness!  The down-side:  there just wasn't enough time!

...and to all of you who showed up and those spouses and partners...

It couldn't have happened without you!  Some of you travelled just a few miles; others travelled across continents, oceans, or came thousands of miles.  You, too, are to be thanked for pullin' into town to meet and greet old friends and new.

Steven has said he's signing up for the reunion planning committee for our 75th. ...see you all then!




09/21/12 04:07 PM #15    


China (Karen) Campbell

I sure do appreciate all the work that went into this great reunion. Thank you so much. I had such a good walk down memory lane.  I've just loaded about 50 photos that I took at Zot's and at the country club. Mike Erickson: sorry if some of them are too large (I've forgotten how to decrease their info size).  I am looking forward to reuniting with everyone the next event. Again, kudos to all of you who did such a wonderful thing for so many.

09/23/12 11:16 AM #16    


Virginia Mensor (Marley)

A bit late but still heartfelt -


Thank you -thank you -thank you to those folks who said "We will have a 50th reunion and I will be sure it happens." 


Those folks who stepped up to the plate were Sylvia Salassi, Liz Bubb,Steve Grant, and Mike Erickson.  Without their willingness to take on this big task our reunion would have been so much less and maybe not even happened.  They put in countless hours which resulted in an unbelievable reunion weekend !


Many others put in a lot of hours to ensure the reunion was fabulous and to all of them I say thank you very much.


I hope many of you will keep in touch with your best buddies from high school and grammer school and the new friendships you have now as adults.  Email is so great for keeping in touch with those we care about.



Virginia Mensor



09/23/12 05:19 PM #17    


William Burgner

Barbara and I just got back to Florida after the reunion and want to thank all of those that contributed to such a successfull and memorable event.

I know there were many others, but in particular I would like to thank Steve, Mike, Sylvia and Elizabeth for taking the lead. I have been to various military and corporate reunions, but this one was by far the best!


09/24/12 06:41 PM #18    


Gail Francis (Sieg)

Heartfelt thanks to all members of the Organizing Committee, who gave so much of their time and planned such a fine event. It was truly a splendid evening - every word, every sip, every morsel. Thanks, as well, to all who made the journey and a special thank you to the webmeister.                                     -Gail Francis Sieg

12/19/12 08:30 PM #19    


Holiday Wagner (Matchett)

I join the list of those who just "LOVED" (thanks Shay for allowing us to use such terminology) every moment of reuniting.  The entire affair was like Cinderella's night out, except the clock never struck 12.  Hope all of you are doing well and after the Cancer Treatments, Joint Replacements, Hearing Aids, Cataract Removals, etc. etc.  we will be able to have another celebration in 5 years, since that is as far ahead as I can even imagine.  Much love to you all, Holiday

08/09/13 10:34 AM #20    


Allyson Young (Johnson)

I viewed Eric Miller's post on Suicide Prevention but saw no way to comment or respond.  Is there a secret trick?

09/23/13 11:17 PM #21    


Sherry Meredith (Ginn)

Thanks, Sylvia, for arranging our mini reunion at Zott's. I'm so glad many classmates were still there when I arrived at 5.  That afternoon we had gone to our granddaughter's third birthday party, and had also visited my mother's cousin Alberta, who just turned 100.

Sending best wishes and looking forward to our next gathering!


12/04/15 09:47 AM #22    


Allyson Young (Johnson)

Proud and happy to thank our classmate Bill Gross for his generous donation of $50,000 to support Los Altos Rotary's AIDS Project.  This project was founded by Dude Angius in response to his son Steve's death and has expanded to Rotary Clubs worldwide.  (If you have not seen "The Los Altos Story" on PBS, you can view this award-winning documentary about the evolution of the project via Netflix, You-Tube, or maybe through your local Rotary Club.) 

12/04/15 02:04 PM #23    


Susan Mack (Sugden)

Dear Allyson,

Thank you for letting us know about Bill's very generous donation!  What a beautiful gift to help in the fight against that disease.  Aren't we all fortunate that we have friends that are so kind, caring, & aware of the need for philanthrophy towards ongoing health issues.  Merry Xmas & Happy 2016!  Luv, Sue

12/05/15 05:02 AM #24    


Mary Ellen Hoy

Thanks for the update Allyson. I knew nothing of the Rotary project or film. I will seek it out.

12/05/15 08:29 AM #25    


Alexander Bruce Cohen

Thank you for your post Allyson and you too BG for this donation. We sure are a proud group to have Bill in our midst. Much appreciate. AB Cohen

12/05/15 07:35 PM #26    


Holiday Wagner (Matchett)

Great heart and soul Bill.  Thanks for passing along the generosity of Bill Gross!  From Holiday


12/06/15 03:02 PM #27    

Francie Mecia (Krauel)

Thank you for letting us know about Bill's generosity.  It's great to have had Mike Erickson set up this website for our use.  It's sort of like a high school-do-over but without the drama. Thank you again, Bill Gross.

12/07/15 09:11 AM #28    

Eric Miller

Bill Gross, you are the man! Thank you from all your '62 classmates and beyond for your heartfelt generousity. I miss you, Bill. Thought about you many times over the years and about our fun basketball days at LAHS. Let's shoot some hoops. LOL!  Hope to catch up with you at the next step reunion. Cheers, Eric

08/31/16 08:31 AM #29    

John Daly

Thanks to all who sent Birthday wishes.  Also, the many on Facebook.  Looks like Russ Coelho and I have the same Birthday,

Just got back from a 3 week trip to Costa Rica



02/11/17 11:21 AM #30    


Holiday Wagner (Matchett)

Dear Organizers of the 55 Reunion:  I spoke with  Merdith (Frances Atkinson) Gilbert last night and she indicated that she would be interested in attending the 2017 LAHS reunion if it is scheduled for last weeks of September.  Have you made a committment to the date already? 

  Holiday Matchett

07/07/17 09:44 AM #31    

David Plenn

I will not be able to attend reunion.  David Plenn




05/03/18 11:04 AM #32    


Allyson Young (Johnson)

Sorry, folks!  I assumed this had been posted but can't find, so am belatedly inviting anyone in the area who was a Knight to come and mix with other classes at the

3rd  Annual Return to Camelot!


May 6, 2018

2PM – 5PM

At the

Alpine inn

(formerly Rosotti’s)

Portola Valley


Join your classmates for a Tournament of Good Fellowship and Shared Memories with fellow Knights and Ladies, plus the Sorcerers and Sorceresses of the Faculty.

Who is invited:  All faculty and alums who served or studied at Los Altos High School between 1956-1975,  plus spouses, partners, BFFs.

The Alpine Inn will save space for us in their outdoor Biergarten.  The event is pay as you go - the committee will provide some tablecloths, class flags, paper goods, etc., The beer and wine and burgers are on you.  Hope to see you there!

The area is handicapped-accessible with plenty of parking. Be prepared for sunny warm May weather. Bring hats, sunglasses, parasols, and dress casually.

If you have any LAHS memorabilia from when Knighthood was in flower, please bring to share! Look for your class sign when you arrive!

Please RSVP to

06/15/21 03:40 PM #33    

Lois Clampit (Bock)

  I can't believe we have lost Steve-what a shock. It seems as if 100 of us were just at his vineyard  our 50th reunion-a fantastic memory. He certainly was a wonderful person and he will be missed. Lois Bock

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