2012 Donors


The following classmates made donations which made this website possible, and provided funds which allowed your 50th reunion to be upgraded from “basic” to “spectacular”.  “Thank You”, from all the ’62 Knights.

Karen Rogers Benning
Penny Patston Berger
Pat Montana Bishop
Delos Brown
William Burgner
China (Karen) Campbell
Ernie Conrad
Carla Barber Cramer
Carolyn Somers Crist
Vickie Riedel Dampier
Michael Dodds
Wallace Erichsen
Mike Erickson
Steve Flamer
Steve Grant
Kathy Middlekauff Grayson
Ray Gundlach
Robert Hosek
John Hughes-Caley
Ted Humphry
Judy Matz Keneson
Cynthia Kosek
Francesca Mecia Krauel
Mark Lorenzen
Holiday Wagner Matchett
Mimi Chancellor Michael
Eric Miller
Steven Moulds
Ellen Buchanan Natti
Janet Fischer Neal
Betsy Rogers Rees
Karen Major Satterfield
Bob Schaible
Lee Shahinian
Roger Spencer
Sue Mack Sugden
Sue Benjamin Uranga
Gary Wey
Don Wolfinger