Postponed 60th /61st Reunion Survey

A group of us are considering whether to hold a postponed 60th /61st class reunion this year.  Among the suggestions being weighed are for a mixture of possible in-person and/or virtual events.  To help us decide what would be most desirable and feasible, we need input from as many classmates as we can get.  So, please — if you have any interest at all in a postponed 60th /61st reunion, even a virtual reunion, — respond to the following brief questionnaire.

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1)   * Would you attend an in-person postponed 60th/61st in-person reunion event in Los Altos in September?

  Very likely
  Somewhat likely
  Not likely

If you answered "Not likely" please skip to question 7
2)   Very likely or somewhat likely, would you likely come alone or with a guest/partner?

  With a guest
3)   Would you attend the event ONLY if it is held outdoors?

  Yes. Only outdoors for me.
  Meh. Indoors. Outdoors. It makes no difference to me.
4)   * If a large in-person gathering in Los Altos is not possible, would you likely attend a smaller, local in-person gathering?

  Very likely
  Somewhat likely
  Not likely
5)   While an online gathering such as Zoom is not realistic for a large number of classmates, it is possible that we could offer a number of smaller gatherings based on high school interest groups or, alternately, based on part of the country where you reside. Would you likely attend such an online gathering?

  Yes to Zoom
  Interest groups
  No to Zoom

Check all that apply
6)   Are you hoping to get in a round of golf with your classmates while in Los Altos?

7)   Please use the box below to add your comments on a 60th reunion. Maybe you have some ideas to share. Maybe there's a question you wished we would have asked. Maybe you just want to share your thoughts. Please do.