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Mark Young

Mark Young

July 28, 1944    ~    August 14, 2019

Mark died of a very aggressive cancer on August 14.  His wife Mary wrote, "Mark had decided to stay home with hospice care. Our son Jared was with him, as was I, when he passed." 

Click here to read the obituary for Mark which was published online in the Press Democrat on August 27, 2019.  A celebration of Mark's life will be held on Saturday, September 28.  Details of the service, an evite invitation to attend, and a way to reply if you wish to attend may be found by clicking on this link.

The following message was received from Mark's son Jared:
Thank you all for the kind comments and sentiments. Dad was an amazing man, in so many ways. While you all knew him as "Tankus", we knew him as a loving father, devoted family man, and amazing soccer coach. Reading your posts has provided more context on who Mark was as a child, and it is all very touching. Thank you all for your support and if you would ever like to share stories or get in touch, please let me know (Jared: 619-518-0734).

Thank you all for your love and support,
Jared, Deven, and Mary Young

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08/27/19 12:55 PM #4    

Susan Mack (Sugden)

So sorry to hear about Mark's passing.  He truly was a gentle giant.  Blessings to his family & friends.  Sincerely, Sue

08/27/19 01:09 PM #5    

John McCormack

When we were in fourth grade at Loyola, we called Mark "Tank" or "Tankus," he was a big guy, compared to us anyway. We were all very close as kids. When Steve Flamer or I would call him "Tank" in class, or at recess, our teacher Mrs. Hobert, if she heard this, would get very angry. But Mark, I mean "Tank," liked it. I think that this nickname was coined by Steve Flamer. I am not 100% sure it was him, but really, who else could it have been?

08/27/19 03:10 PM #6    

Joanne Griffin (Holland)

There’s something about those who go back as far as you can remember, and Mark was one of them, for me.  He and I were classmates at Loyola, from 1st grade on, I believe.  And yes, we did call him Tankus.  I’ve often wondered if he liked that or not, but he was always good natured about it, and seemed to understand that it was not meant in a derogatory way.  He was just a big guy!  I always enjoyed seeing him at reunions, which he attended regularly.  I’ll miss you big guy.  Rest In Peace.  

08/28/19 07:01 PM #7    

Gary Moss

What a great guy. A true loss. Rip

08/29/19 09:15 AM #8    

Eric Miller

"Tank" was one of my best friends in high school. A great athlete and just a great all around guy. He loved life and will be missed in many a heart. RIP my friend. My condolences to all his family.

08/29/19 10:12 PM #9    

Monique Rabier (Moss)

My deepest sympathy to Mark's family for his passing.  I remember him as a very kind classmate and a great football player.  Regards, Monique Moss

08/30/19 09:04 AM #10    

Sue Henry (Johnson)

Probably the fondest memory I have of Covington has to do with Mark Young. At a school dance, Mark was shy but he asked me to dance. Later he gave me my first decorated valentine shaped box of candy. That was Feb. 8, 1957. Thank you Mark for that wonderful memory.  He was very sweet and kind. Soon after I moved but I wish I could have gotten to know him better. 

09/25/19 01:08 AM #11    

Virginia Small (Chambers)

So sad to hear of Mark's passing... He was such a sweetheart and it was a joy getting to know him better in these later years at the Zott's reunions... I've been looking for photos of him... I think the best ones I took were in 2015... but haven't had time to see if I downloaded them yet...  Much sympathy to his family and friends for his great loss.  We will miss him so much.  Ginni Chambers

09/27/19 12:46 PM #12    

Emiliano (Nino) Bachar

Mark was one of the good guys...  I tranferred from Palo Alto to Layola School right in the middle of the 5th grade year just after the Christmas vacation.  I just lost all my chilhood school friends in Palo Alto by moving to what seemed like a million miles away.  It was the first week at my new school  and I didn't know anyone.  It was lonely.  The only person i knew was also a new student Mike Kamrar who had also transferred during the Christmas break...  The newness created a bond.  During the lunch resess after Mike and I quietly ate our lunch, we santered out to the basket ball court to watch a heated game of basket ball with likes of John McCormick, John Finney, Steve Flamer, "Tank" Mark Young, and others. At the time we didn't know who any one's name or who they were.  As Mike and I stood on the side lines wishing that we could get into the game and be part of the arguement this big kid, bigger than the rest of the kids, slowly walked up to us and polity asked hey you want to play basket ball with us.  It brought a huge smile to both of us to be ask to join. That was the start of life long aquintences and friends.  It started with a nice guy asking us to be part of a game.  


10/04/19 01:32 PM #13    

Bonnie Honsberger (Haskell)

I am so sorry to hear about the passing of Mark.  He was a special classmate. Bonnie



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