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Fred Oldenburg

Fred Oldenburg

Fred was improving after suffering a stroke about 6 months ago.  But recently his situation worsened, and he was hospitalized in Gig Harbor, Washington, where he passed on September 8.  As soon as the date for his memorial service is known, it will be posted here, and an announcement will be sent regarding the addition to this page.

From Vicki Oldenburg ( ) :

I'm Fred's youngest sister (class of '73). I would like you all to know about Fred's memorial in case anyone is living in the area and would like to attend. It will be held Sunday, September 18 at 4pm, Chapel Hill Presbyterian Church, Gig Harbor, WA.

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09/11/16 09:55 AM #5    

David Jessen

Dave Jessen

I will never forget the genuine infectious smile Fred had. Even though we were not close, knowing that he is gone, I will miss him.

09/11/16 12:06 PM #6    

Roger Spencer

Fred and I flew to Alaska on a lark.  Found jobs at McKinley and had one hell of a summer.  Peace be with you.

09/11/16 01:08 PM #7    

Jill Sweeten (Ruble)

I am so sorry to hear of the passing of Fred. Fred was my first date, in fifth grade, I think. His mom drove us to a movie at the Altos theatre. I remember that he kissed me. Good times. Bye, Fred.

09/11/16 05:08 PM #8    

Susan Mack (Sugden)

I'm sad to hear about Fred's passing.  I know his smile will spread throughout the wild, blue yonder.  Condolences to his family & friends who will miss him.  Sue

09/12/16 09:38 AM #9    

Pamela Henry (Lund)

I met Fred's family a few years ago when we went to his parent's home in Kirkland, WA, for a lovely Thanksgiving dinner. I'm thinking of them now and offering my sympathies in their loss. Fred was full of life, energy and ideas. He will be missed by all who knew his generosity and sense of humor.


09/12/16 10:05 AM #10    

Pamela Gardner (Green)

Funny, flirtatious, and fabulous. You will be missed, my friend.  


09/13/16 09:12 AM #11    

Ron Nelson

So sorry to learn of Fred's passing.  Fred lived close by, and I remember hanging out at his house and how nice his parents were.  Also:  a big party at his house our Senior year (not sure if his parents were at home or not), bombing around in his old Ford convertible, pool hopping, and epic ski trips to Shasta and Reno.  So long, "Big Time"! 

09/14/16 05:58 PM #12    

Lois Clampit (Bock)

I was so sorry to hear about our class having lost another member. I think that Fred went to school with me in 6th grade-can't remember for sure. Anyway, he was a great guy and he will be missed. Lois

09/15/16 06:57 AM #13    

Kathleen Bennett (Hill)

Just learned of Fred's passing and feel like I've been socked in the gut. We moved to Gig Harbor 25 years ago, and almost ran into Fred as he Jaywalked in front of our car. We rekindled our high school friendship. Over the years we shared many wonderful meals and bottles of wine. As happens, life got busy for both of us. Fred with his busy social life and girl friend of the month and us with family and work. We'd see each other around town, chat on the phone and he would stop in and visit me at work. Everyone in town knew Fred and he was involved in everything. Gig Harbor won't be the same without him. The world has lost a fabulous chef and a wonderful person. Here's to you my friend, cheers!

09/16/16 10:55 AM #14    

Monique Rabier (Moss)

So sorry to hear about Fred.

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