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12/12/16 04:05 PM #7    

Sue Benjamin (Uranga)

Like Francie, I called her Nan.  We were good friends in elementary school and sometimes I'd spend the day at  her house.  She lived further from town than Francie and me.  She had some brothers and sisters as I recall.  And they did have goats which we'd chase around.  I thought they were pretty funny.  And we drank fresh goat's mild for lunch.  Somehow, over the years, we didn't see one another as often, but I sure did like her.  Does anyone know more about what she did after high school?  When or where she died?  I feel very sad we all lost track of such a kind and gentle soul.

Sue Benjamin Uranga

12/12/16 05:18 PM #8    

Ellen Buchanan (Natti)

My parents moved to California when I was in 6th grade.  I was also in Mrs. Hall's 6th grade class and Nan was the first friend I made thanks to her warm welcome.  I was especially appreciative as one of the boys moaned, on my first day, "oh no, not another girl."  Peace and comfort, Nan.  Thank you.  Ellen





12/13/16 08:08 AM #9    

Carole Bridgeman

I am sorry to hear about Nan's passing.  I didn't meet her until LAHS, she was funny, and nice to me as I was pretty shy. 


12/13/16 12:16 PM #10    

John Daly

To all Knights,


I am glad I started this post on Nan 3 days ago.  There have been so many responses.  Everyone

remembers her humor and friendlyness, expecially to new people.  I came to Los Altos as a Senior

and knew only China (Karen) Campbell as she had gone to Bellevue High School in Bellevue, Washington also.

We are still in touch. 

Nan quickly made friends when I arrived.


If anyone knows about her life and time of passing I would love to have that for all of us.



12/13/16 02:32 PM #11    

Monique Rabier (Moss)

My deepest sumpathy to Nancy's family for their loss.  She was a very kind and sweet person.  She will be misssed.

12/14/16 04:24 PM #12    

Pamela Walton (Carranza-Walton)

My memory is Nan died many years ago -- late sixties, early seventies? I saw her once in Berleley before she died. And I believe it was leukemia. She was one of our neighbors out in the boonies in Los Altos Hills. I remember one year her family had a litter of piglets. They were the cutest pink things I'd ever seen. I also remember sitting next to Nan and Daphne Atkinson in World History. We were such grown up seniors! I'll always have a special place in my heart for Nan.

12/15/16 11:49 AM #13    

Sandra McCandless (Simons)

Nan was a dear, albeit a little nutty, friend.  We saw each otoher often until her untimely death from cancer at age 37.  After college, we briefly shared an apartment in San Francisco.  She moved to Berkely to be with her boyfriend and to teach at a school for educationally handicapped childeren.  After her ten-year relationship failed, she moved to Santa Cruz.  She changed her name to Dusty Miller and started a gardening business.  

12/15/16 01:33 PM #14    

Suzanne Riedinger

Wow! I remeber that name back then and had no idea it was Nan, or I would have said HI! I'm sad that I didn't.

12/16/16 08:40 AM #15    

Bonnie Honsberger (Haskell)

Nancy was a fine person, friend, and classmate. 

12/16/16 10:33 AM #16    

Susan Mack (Sugden)

I plant Dusty Miller in my garden every year here in WY... I will think of gentle Nan.  What a lucky lady to have so many wonderful classmates with fond memories of her.  I hope there are family members who are fortunate enough to read them from our site!

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