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Julia Voorhies

Julia Voorhies

December 20, 1944 - September 13, 2018

The following tribute was submitted to the website by Julia's children:

Julia Anne Voorhies passed away peacefully at her Emeryville home on September 13. She was a vibrant world traveler who loved her family deeply and was buoyed by the love of her friends. 

Julia grew up in Los Altos, CA with her parents Daryll and Doris (Pullium) Voorhies and her brother Mark Hawkins Voorhies. She was a graduate of Mills College in Oakland in 1966 and later served as the Alumnae Association President.  She met and married Patrick John Mahoney in 1966, and they began their family in Washington DC. In 1973, they returned to California - first to San Francisco and later to Piedmont - where Julia lived for 30 years before settling in to Emeryville.   in 1983, Patrick and Julia divorced and, she put herself through business school at Golden Gate University where she earned an MBA in Finance.  She began her career in Corporate and Foundation Development and worked both at UC Berkeley and UCSF - contributing to the advancement and growth of both institutions over a 20 year career.  She was a mentor to many in the profession.  

Julia was an avid world traveler who spent months living in Paris and Florence.  She enjoyed cruising with friends and playing bridge.  She was a talented cook and loved to entertain.  

Julia is survived by her brother, her three children Patrick Mark Mahoney, Alissa Ilene Mahoney, and Gaylen Mahoney Kimbell (and their spouses), and her five grandchildren Patrick Slade, Owen, Liam, Eliza and Amelia.   

Donations may be made in Julia’s name to KQED or to Mills College.

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10/05/18 05:31 PM #3    

Virginia Mensor (Marley)

So sad to see another classmate friend move on.  I was just looking back at her page and was sorry to see she didn't make any entries.  I don't know that she came to any reunions. I hope she had fun in high school.  Since she was in a play I'm sure that gave her joy.  I don't remember if I ever did anything with her but I would imagine so, I wish my memory was better.  She was a pretty girl that is apparent!

10/05/18 07:17 PM #4    

John Raymond

Very sad to hear of Julie's passing.  She and I go way back.  Her mother and my dad went through school together in Los Altos.  We dated for a while in high school and remained friends thereafter.  I remember her as a warm, intellegent, and very happy person with a great sense of humor.

John Raymond


10/05/18 10:16 PM #5    

Steve Grant

When I think of Julia there is just one word that comes to mind: vivacious. She was one of the sweetest and kindest girls of my memory. I always smiled whenever I drove by her house. Fare thee well, dear friend.

10/06/18 03:21 AM #6    

Virginia Small (Chambers)

I have to say "Ditto" to Steve... "Vivacious" is the first word that came to my mind when heard about her loss...  I remember having a class or two with Julia...  She was friendly and beautiful and interesting...  I always wished she'd come to one of our reunions!   She will be remembered as one lovely person...  Much sympathy to all her family and friends.  Love, Ginni Small Chambers

10/06/18 06:39 AM #7    

Mary Ellen Hoy

Like Allison, I remember working with Julia on our senior play. She was striking and outgoing — so easy to be with. .It sounds as if she had an extraordinary life. 

10/06/18 08:37 AM #8    

Andrea Leonard (Yearsley)

I remember Julie we’ll, we had been friends during our Covington days.  I remember some slumber parties and her sweet family.  It is so sad to think of childhood/high school friends passing.  We were so blessed to have those wonderful times in our lives.  

10/06/18 08:19 PM #9    

Monique Rabier (Moss)

So sorry to hear about Julia.  My deepest sympathy to her family.

10/07/18 02:12 PM #10    

Elizabeth Bubb (Wilson)

I met Julia in first grade at Hillview elementary school.  We were in Brownies together and shared lots of s'mores!  She was an important part of my childhood.  Thank you for the gift of friendshiip, Julia.

10/07/18 08:30 PM #11    

Bonnie Klocksiem (Shaver)

Julie Voorhies was a wonderful friend to me.  We met and connected in 1960, soon after my family moved to Los Altos.  She transferred to Mills College as a sophomore, and we lived in the same residence hall.  During our junior year at Mills, we shared a suite with a sun porch accessed through her bedroom window.  We also shared many late nights and many laughs.   I remember her as unfailingly upbeat, generous, gregarious and fun to be around.  We both began learning to play bridge in college, and met for a weekly game for a while after graduation.  I was Julie's maid of honor in her wedding to Pat.  Distance and differing pursuits separated us, and I am sad there's now a greater distance between us.  Still, the love and good times are forever!

10/08/18 03:50 PM #12    

Susan Mack (Sugden)

     It's sad to hear of the passing of another lovely class member.  It sounds like she filled her life with many wonderful adventures & kept herself involved with family & friends along the way.  I share along with our classmates in sending condolences to everyone close to Julia.   Sue

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