In Memory

Francie Mecia (Krauel)

Francie Mecia (Krauel)

May 27, 1944 - December 26, 2017

A memorial service for Francie, with a reception to follow, will be held in San Diego on February 10, 2018. Anyone who wishes to attend should email
Sylvia Salassi (Talarico) at for details about the service.

In lieu of flowers, Francie's family suggests that donations be directed in the
name of Francesca Mecia Krauel to the
UC Berkeley English Department or Cal Men's Basketball

An obituary for Francie was published in the San Diego Times-Tribune on January 14.
Click here to read more about Francie.

The following tribute to Francie was written by Barbara Joy (Schmidt), LAHS class of 1962.

Francie's courageous 5 1/2 year battle with cancer came to an end the day after Christmas.  She was surrounded by her loving family, which included her husband, Roger, her daughters, Piper and Heidi, and their families.  Francie's death will be mourned by all who knew her.

Francie and I went to high school and college together.  We were sorority sisters at Cal.  I fondly recall those days with her.  She remained a stalwart Cal sports fan the rest of her life, despite how challenging that can be at times.  We lost contact with each other shortly after leaving Cal. It wasn't until 2012, that a college friend called me, to tell me of Francie's cancer.   Since then, Francie and I had many long FaceTime chats.  We used email to set the time, and then made sure we had private time to talk about life, love and loss, grief and hope, and of course, treatment.  She was such a positive beacon of hope, despite her stage 4 diagnosis.  The fact that she lived 5+ years is a tribute to her resilience and fighting spirit.

A defining moment, revealing Francie's loving character, occurred last year.  Francie enlisted her church "Prayer Quilt Circle" to make prayer quilts for my husband and for me.  My husband has cancer, and she wanted to support us.  The quilts arrived, and we learned how to "use" them. Some of the quilt knots were tied off as the quilt was made.  Each tied knot represented a prayer that the quilters said for us as the knot was tied.  Some knots were left unfinished, so that we could say our own prayers as we tied the rest of the knots.  Given all that Francie was going through, it touched my heart even more, that she sent us these gifts.  I treasure my quilt.  But, more importantly, I feel so grateful that I had these last 5 years of friendship with Francie.  My only regret is that I missed 46 years of friendship between college and 2012.

Goodbye, my friend.  May peace be with you.

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01/05/18 11:22 AM #11    

Ellen Buchanan (Natti)

Thank you, Barbara, for the wonderful tribute to Francie.  I first met Francie when my family moved from New York to California when I was in the 6th grade.  Francies was one of the very first people to make me feel welcomed to Mrs. Hall's 6th grade class.  Her kindness meant the world to me.

01/05/18 02:38 PM #12    

Susan Mack (Sugden)

Thank you, Barb, for a beautifully written, very touching tribute to Francie.  I know all of her LAHS classmates regard her as one very special lady, adding her as a favorite in their book of memories.  We send our deepest sympathy to her family as well.   With love,  Sue & Rich 

01/05/18 02:58 PM #13    

Margaret Means (Replogle)

Francie was a beautiful person inside and out.  My sincere sympathy extends to her family and many friends.

01/06/18 09:33 AM #14    

Carole Bridgeman

I didn't know Francie very well, she was always very nice, friendly to me.  I remember how "positive" she was.

Barbara you wrote a wonderful tribute to her.  My thoughts of sympathy go out to her family.


01/06/18 09:59 AM #15    

William Hagbom

Wonderful memories of Francie (and Joe) and prayers for Tori (and Geo).

And prayers for you, Barb, and your husband.  We are learning this is part of all of our lives.

Bill H.

01/08/18 09:06 PM #16    

Monique Rabier (Moss)

My deepest sympathy to Francie's family for their loss.  Regards, Monique




01/09/18 09:12 AM #17    

Elizabeth Bubb (Wilson)

Francie was a bright light all during high school.  Thank you, Barbara, for your last gift of friendship to Francie and for reminding us of how we can affect each others lives in dramatic ways.  I am blessed to have known both of you.  Liz

01/14/18 11:40 AM #18    

Holiday Wagner (Matchett)

Thank you Barbara for your elequent feelings about knowling someone so vibrant and young and then renewing a friendship as an adult.  I too had much admiration for Marcie and have comments in my yearbooks from her that are really touching.  Holiday

01/15/18 09:33 AM #19    

Virginia Mensor (Marley)

I know Francie did lots of things in high school but only one yearbook has an index making it easy to find people.  In the fall of 1961 she was in student government as "Sales Commissioner."  

The booklet for our 20th high school reunion in 1982 she wrote the following:

"I went to Cal for 4 years, graduated with a BA in English in 66.  I did social work for a couple of years.  I moved to San Diego in 70 to go to law school.  I met my future husband there; we both graduated and passed the bar in 73.  He started working, I stayed home and had babies.  When they started school I started working.  Now we're Kraul & Kraul Law Offices.  Four years ago I was apointed by our Mayor to represent the City of San Diego on the San Diego County Water Authority.  I'm busy and love living in San Diego.

Spouse/Children:    Roger W. / Piper 7, Heidi 6."

We are lucky to have known her.



01/17/18 11:41 AM #20    

Jacqueline Adelmann (Nolte)

Dear Barbara and Francie’s Family,

I so appreciate you sharing your loving relationship with Francie.  I remember her as a strong,intelligent and caring person. She was always eager to know how and what everyone was doing.  I’m so sad to say, we exchanged phone numbers in 2015 and unfortunately did not follow up…now one beautiful person is gone but she is embracing all of us with her beautiful remembrance!



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