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Wheatley Houston (Hanson)

Wheatley Houston (Hanson)

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05/15/12 08:47 AM #1    

Carla Barber (Cramer)


I was looking forward to reconnecting with you after all of these years.  Yours was one of the dozen or so names that jumped into my head when I got the call from Steve Grant about this upcoming reunion.  I scanned the profile list looking for your name so I could catch up with your life, only to be met with great sadness.

Thank you for the fun times we shared.  High school was better because you were there.  I will miss seeing you.

Your friend,


07/26/12 09:06 PM #2    

Karla Lanthier (Pratt)

Wheatley, I can not believe you are gone. I phoned you after the 40th which we both missed.  I hope your brother John gets my phone number. I do not know how to get ahold of him.  I have changed my phone number. You were the best bridesmaid a girl could have. I treasure our times together and so glad we got our children together to meet and play for a few days.  You are the first person to show me how to eat french fries with ketchup and have a vanilla coke.  Thank for the many memories.  Love, Karla Lanthier Pratt

09/12/12 01:04 PM #3    

Nancy Hall

I miss you, Wheat!  You would have really enjoyed our recent reunion!  Thank you Chuck Bowen and Sue Macafee for making it possible for me to find Wheat's brother, John.  The following is a cut-and-paste of an email I received from him last December:

Hi Nancy,

Thanks for your letter. I would be happy to share with you Wheat’s journey.

About 5 years ago we recognized that Wheatley’s speech and vocabulary was starting to diminish. She was finally correctly diagnosed with Frontal Lobal Dementia by a Kaiser doctor. With the diagnosis and her young age (60ish) they referred her out to UCSF for study, not treatment. She managed to live at her home in Petaluma for a short while but it became evident that she needed to be watched. Her son Brandon moved in with her and she had a sitter when he was at work. Rather quickly she needed full time care. Her other son Brier transferred his job from Texas to relocate in Brentwood. His family took Wheatley in until she reached an unmanageable state and needed professional care. At this point she had stopped talking, didn’t recognize anyone,  ate very little and had lost all quality of life. Her passing in September was a blessing as she went during her sleep and she is in a better place now. It is a sad story but my memories of her are about the happy and special times we had. If there anything else you want to know please ask. Unfortunately she had little contact with her lifelong friends and there was no way get the news out. She did enjoy her 3 grandchildren and spent many years having quality visits with them. They too will remember her as a happy , fun loving person. 

I appreciate your perseverance in locating me. I certainly remember your name from my childhood.  Please share this information with anyone who may have known Wheatley.  Thanks again for reaching out, have a nice Xmas.

P.S. We had set-up an organ donation program with the Altzheimers Research Center at UCSF and her brain and spinal cord was taken by the University for further research and study. I believe this was a just cause and hope it helps make some progress in this cruel disease.

Best, John.

John Houston



1445 Bush St.

San Francisco, Ca. 94109



09/15/12 07:09 AM #4    

Janet Fischer (Neal)

Dear Wheat,

  You were so missed at the Reunion!  I was so sad to hear of your passing.  We had so much fun growing up together and double-dating "  I even went to a great birthday party in first grade that I still remember!  Or the vacation we shared in Los Angeles.  What a great time we had.

  Thank you Jay for sharing Wheatly's  information with all of us, and thank you Nancy for posting the story.  We miss your joyful personality.

  Jannet Fischer Neal

09/15/12 10:10 PM #5    

Mary Jane Lovens (Newington)

Wheatly you were truly missed at the Reunion this year.  Thank you Jay for returning Nany's letter and Nancy posting his letter to you.  We lived so close to one another, just two blocks away.  Portola, Covington and then LAHS.  Wonderful memories wit.h you and Jane French.  Karla mentioned the french fries and vanilla coke.  I remember it being cherry coke and then walking down Los Altos Avenue to our respective home. Beautiful wedding and reception at Moffett Officers Club  We have so many memories to remember because you were and intregal part of our lives!

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